Boxed Set: His Dirty Secret- Vol. 7-11 (Paperback)

Author: Mia Black
His Dirty Secret Vol. 7-11 is now available as a boxed set!

After dealing with the devastating trauma in Atlanta, Jayla went to Houston in search of a fresh start, far from the drama that used to plague her life. Soon after she settles in, she has an unexpected encounter with what seems to be the perfect man. Yet Jayla has been down this road before and is determined to never find herself in that position again. Unfortunately for her, it is easier said than done.

Will Jayla’s hopes for a brighter future come true or will drama find her in a new town?

Book Title Boxed Set: His Dirty Secret- Vol. 7-11 (Paperback)
Author Mia Black
Date Published Jul 22, 2019