Boxed Set: Love On The Low Vol. 6-10 (Paperback)

Author: Mia Black
Love On The Low Vol. 6-10 is now available as a boxed set!

Trill has ramped up his efforts to be the new go-to dealer in town. But as he grows his empire, he begins targeting his enemies. It just so happens, Royce and anyone he cares for will fall into that category.

With a wedding in their near future, Mika worries that they’ll never get married, especially not with all that’s going on around them.

The pressure is on for everyone. Royce and Mika have choices to make. In the meantime, Trill is ready to make a bold move – one that could be deadly.

Book Title Boxed Set: Love On The Low Vol. 6-10 (Paperback)
Author Mia Black
Date Published Jul 22, 2019