Boxed Set: When You Can't Let Go - Vol. 1-4 (Paperback)

Author: Mia Black
When You Can't Let Go Vol. 1-4 is now available as a boxed set!

Life in Chicago isn’t easy for Jericka. She does what she has to do to get by and take care of herself, her child, and her man Hov. But Hov isn’t making things any easier for them.

At one time, Hov was the number one mover out in these streets , but when he started using more product than he sold, he lost control. Now, he’s nothing more than a freeloading addict, who takes it out against the woman who stood by him when his world fell apart.

Now, someone new has taken over and he’s set his sights on Jericka. He can give her what Hov never could. He’s the only one who can get Jericka and her child out of their desperate situation, but is she willing to say goodbye to the father of her child yet?

Find out what happens in part one of When You Can’t Let Go!

Book Title Boxed Set: When You Can't Let Go - Vol. 1-4 (Paperback)
Author Mia Black
Date Published Jul 14, 2019